Pelicans’ DeMarcus Cousins Has Had Enough Of Flopping And Selling Calls

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Pelicans big man DeMarcus Cousins is tired of players flopping and selling calls and he is not hiding his frustrations.

New Orleans’ recent game against the Denver Nuggets, which pitted Cousins up against Mason Plumlee, was apparently the tipping point for Cousins.

Cousins is sick of the tactics used against him, claiming Plumlee did the same, in an effort to draw ‘phantom calls’

“It kinda sucks,” Cousins said, according to SB Nation’s Kristian Winfield. “The competitive spirit of basketball is slowly leaking out. Taking pride in one-on-one defense is slowly leaking out. It’s more about selling calls and flopping. So you just gotta kinda ignore the B.S. and play your game.”

The efforts had minimal impact on limiting Cousins’ performance as he registered a career-high 40 points and grabbed 22 rebounds.



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