Knicks’ Enes Kanter’s Unique Way To Hype Up Teammates: ‘fight with somebody’


New York Knicks big man Enes Kanter has really settled in with his new team and taking a leadership-like role with the team, especially emotionally.

Kanter, who came over via trade from the Oklahoma City Thunder, talked about how he helps his Knicks’ teammates get some energy.

“I told — I’m not going to tell who — I told somebody, ‘Hey man, go out there and fight with somebody. Get the energy up.’ No, I’m serious,” Kanter said, according to Greg Joyce of The New York Post.

“Go out there and just hit somebody or fight with somebody, get a technical foul, I’ll pay for the fine, I don’t care. Just go out there and do your thing. We needed that energy, we needed that fight.”

“I told two guys to just go fight.”

“I feel like that’s the most important thing,” Kanter said.

“The crowd is dead, you’re dead, you look at the bench and everybody’s heads are down. It’s just tough. … It wasn’t there tonight.”