Cavs’ Isaiah Thomas Praises Team’s Patience With His Rehab


The Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled this season, but help will be on the way once point guard Isaiah Thomas is healthy.

Despite the struggles of the perennial Eastern Conference Championship contenders, Thomas is impressed that they have not rushed him back to the court.

Joe Vardon of recently reported about the team’s approach to Thomas after his most grueling workout yet and spoke of Thomas’ feelings about how the team has handled his rehab.

“I’m protecting myself, so, even if they wanted me to hurry back, I’m not going to hurry back, just because I’ve got a long career ahead of me and an important summer as well,” Thomas said, according to the report on

“So, I’ve got to make sure I’m 100 percent healthy before I step out on the floor. But these guys have not rushed me one bit. They’ve taken their time with me and I appreciate that. Because most teams, they want you out there, especially if things aren’t going well.”

Thomas had good results from his grueling workout on Sunday and is on track for a return on January 1st, but, most importantly for Thomas, is how the organization has treated him throughout the process.

“Yeah because, I mean, it’s hard to trust organizations,” Thomas said. “They got their own agenda and you got your own. But here it’s like, since Day 1, if it takes until June, you’re not getting out there. From the first doctor I met, to the training staff to the coaching staff.

“Even with this little rut we’ve been in, it’s been like take your time. Don’t worry about this. We’ll be alright. That gives you a lot of confidence going forward, knowing that nobody’s here to rush you.”