Sixers’ Brett Brown Expects Fans To Be Pleased With Markelle Fultz’s Recovery

Winslow Townson/The Associated Press

The Philadelphia 76ers were excited to land Markelle Fultz in this year’s NBA Draft but injuries have limited their rookie phenom.

Fultz played in the first four games of the season but has missed nine straight games with a shoulder injury.

Sixers coach Brett Brown is confident Fultz’s recovery will make everyone happy.

“We spend so much time under the constrictions that we have with making sure his head is right, his body is right, getting him to sweat with his cardio,” said Brown, according to Andrew Porter of CBS Philly.

“Still working on his skills that don’t affect his shot. The problem is the shoulder, the problem is the shot. So all of things that you just heard me say, are things that avoid that. And slowly we’re getting his shoulder stronger, we’re getting him more confident.”

Although it’s unclear when exactly Fultz will return, Brown is excited for when the young guard makes his official return to the court.

“What the endgame is, what the return to play is — we do not know,” said Brown.

“But I can say with sort of great confidence — and we’ve had a lot practice dealing with injured high draft picks — that the plan that he’s on is very comprehensive and thorough. From diet, to study, to Jon Gruden quarterback camp with me and him sitting in a video room talking about stuff.

Sitting him up the bench. When you watch our games, you’ll notice where he sits, we can communicate with him.

“And he’s just very involved, although not in a uniform on game night, he’s moving forward. And I think the city is gonna realize soon, once that happens, what a unique player we actually have.

markHe’s been an enigma so far, but I just feel — I’ve got a gut feel and study feel that he’s just gonna please lots of people, in regards to us drafting him.”

Fultz has averaged 6.0 points, 2.3 rebounds, and 1.8 assists through four games this season.