Celtics’ Kyrie Irving Expresses Frustration With Protective Mask

The Sporting News

The Boston Celtics are rolling and it’s been mostly due to the play of guard Kyrie Irving who has had to wear a protective mask.

Irving is expected to remain in the clear mask for the next couple weeks, but still finds doing so a bit frustrating.

A few years back, Irving wore a black protective mask  and went on to score a career-high 41 points against the New York Knicks.

Irving then switched to the clear mask, but his frustrations remain.

“I was telling some of my teammates, some of the fans, too, they were asking me whether I was going to wear the black mask” Irving said (h/t ESPN).

“The difference with the black mask is that (teammates are) not getting the ball because I couldn’t see outside of my eyesight,” Irving said to laughter.

“(Teammates were) like, ‘Oh, the Masked Man! The Black Mask! I scored that many (points for Cleveland) because I was just looking at the basket. So a lot of my peripheral vision and driving, I could only see what’s in front of me. That black mask, like, it just takes away your vision. So I’m just like, ‘Oh, basket.’ Like, this is just the best-case scenario. So that’s the whole black mask thing.

“I’m glad I get to wear a clear one. I’m telling (teammates), like, ‘Come on, show some gratitude. I’m showing gratitude, too, for not wearing that black mask.’ So, yeah, hopefully a few more weeks in the (clear) mask and I’ll be out of it.”

Irving knows he will have to stick with the protective mask and described his face as; “It’s broken. That’s that.”

Irving also expressed the challenges of wearing the mask while trying to play.

“It’s almost like having somewhat foggy blinders on,” Irving described.

“When I take off the mask, I can see everything. And when I have the mask on, I’m really dialed into what’s in front of me. My peripherals are a little cut off, up and down. It’s something to get used to.”