Spurs Extend LaMarcus Aldridge

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Ever since signing with his home-state Spurs, reports have been floated around that five-time All-star LaMarcus Aldridge is unhappy and has felt like he doesn’t fit in with the organization, but those reports might have been overblown as the 32-year old has agreed to a 3-year, $72.3 million contract extension with the Spurs.

This extension will keep Aldridge under contract in San Antonio through the 2020-’21 season and I think this is a really interesting move because of the frustration that Aldridge appears to have felt and the frustration that coach Gregg Popovich has had with his All-star forward. This move could signify that Popovich is going to do what he can to try and make Aldridge more comfortable in the offense and potentially build the offense around him more than it has been during his first two seasons in San Antonio.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to lose a talent like Aldridge when you are a year-in and year-out title contender and you already have Kawhi Leonard in the fold, so it’s not too surprising the Spurs would want to keep him, the interesting part just becomes will he fit in more this season or will it be another case of both parties being frustrated at seasons end? Only time will tell.

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