Celtics’ Kyrie Irving Says Boston Feels More Like ‘Sports City’ Than Cleveland


Shots fired, as if this rift needed more fuel to it’s budding rivalry fires.

Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving, who was acquired in a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers a few weeks back, took a shot at the former city in which he played while praising his new home.

“It’s a really major city. Coming from Cleveland, the Midwest, where the culture is different. And then you move to the East Coast — into Boston — and it’s so real [and] alive” Irving said, according to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe.

“An ongoing, thriving city. Consistently. No matter what hour throughout the night.

“You would go to Cleveland, and it would be at nighttime, and things would be going on, but you just see a vast difference in terms of what the Midwest is — Cleveland — and what Boston is. Boston, I’m driving in and [thinking], ‘I’m really playing in a real, live sports city?’ And a great city.”

Surely, Irving’s comments will rub some people the wrong way and certainly won’t help him invoke any warm reception whenever he steps on the court in Cleveland.

But this newly ignited Cavs/Celtics rivalry very well could make the Eastern Conference a little interesting this upcoming season.