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Nets’ Jeremy Lin Says Kenyon Martin ‘extremely apologetic’ For Dreadlocks Comments



Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin recently had a conversation with former NBA player Kenyon Martin about comments Martin made about Lin wearing dreadlocks.

Martin suggested last week that Lin shouldn’t wear dreadlocks because he is Asian American and went on the following rant.

“Do I need to remind this damn boy that his last name Lin?” Martin said in the video posted on TMZ.

“Like, come on, man. Let’s stop this, man, with these people, man. There is no way possible that he would have made it on one of our teams with that bulls— goin’ on on his head. Come on, man.

Somebody need to tell him, like, ‘All right, bro, we get it. You wanna be black.’ Like, we get it. But the last name is Lin.”

Lin discussed his conversation with Martin about his comments.

“It was a great conversation. I think things were blown out of proportion, taken a little out of context as well” Lin told the media.

But me and him had a discussion where he was extremely courteous.

Like, I’m actually impressed with how he handled everything. I’m thankful for the conversation we had, and I’m also sorry for some of the things he and his son kind of had to deal with in the aftermath.”

Lin eluded to the backlash Martin received on social media, which included some racial epithets.

“I’m just processing everything that’s happened and kind of felt he was dehumanized to some degree,” Lin said.

“I wish it didn’t happen like that, but we’re beyond that, and hopefully I don’t have to speak about this incident or my hair anymore.”

Martin admitted last week that he had a poor choice of words and that the comments were made in a joking manner.

“Wasn’t really saying it to him. I just made a blanket statement, which I probably should’ve reached out to him,” Martin said.

“But the man has dreadlocks, and I thought it was hilarious. Nothing more, nothing less than I thought it was hilarious. I made a statement … wording probably was bad that I used, saying that he was trying to be black. Wasn’t my intention to be racist or anything like that.

“It was meant to be a joke that got out of control. That’s all,” Martin admitted.

“If I ruffled Jeremy Lin’s feathers or if I made him feel [that] way, I apologize, brother … I’m a grown man, and I can admit when I’m wrong.

When things get out of control, I can admit when I was wrong, and my wording was bad.”

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Brooklyn Nets

Nets’ Kenny Atkinson Says ‘Tanking is Not a Word We Use’



The Brooklyn Nets have had a rough couple of seasons, some of which they clearly looked like a team that was tanking with 21, 20, and 28 win seasons over the past three years, but head coach Kenny Atkinson says that tanking is not a part of the franchise’s rebuilding plan.

Atkinson and general manager Sean Marks are trying to build a winner for the future, and while tanking may be a word associated with a team in the cellar of the Eastern Conference standings, it’s not a word Atkinson would use.

“No, because we’ve never talked about tanking,” Atkinson said, according to The Athletic’s Michael Scotto. “Sean and I, I’m just going to be honest, internally we don’t use the word. We don’t talk about it. We talk about internal improvement. We talk about player development. We talk about culture, but tanking is not a word we use. It’s just not in our…I don’t think the fans in New York want to see that.”

Marks has spent the past few seasons stocking up on high end draft picks and utilizing the draft to fill the roster, but the Nets aim to be players in the 2018-2019 free agency period and a marked improvement in the win column could help lure players to the Big Apple next summer.

“That’s the dream, right, the quantum leap,” Atkinson said. “I think that’s the big goal in the sky. I also think we’ve been making solid steps and solid improvements. I’d be happy with that too, but we understand what you’re saying about the quantum leap. I think our players see that it’s a possibility. I do think we have to come to it in a humble way too. We only won 28 games last year, an eight-game improvement, which is good and is hard in the NBA. I’d take another eight or 10-game improvement. That would be fantastic.”

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Boston Celtics

Nets, Knicks Targeting Kyrie Irving



It’s unclear what Kyrie Irving’s future with the Boston Celtics is, but both the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets are poised to pursue him if he hit’s free agency in 2019.

According to the New York Times’ Marc Stein, there are already “credible rumblings” that the Knicks and Nets will pursue Irving, whose “intentions are not at all clear at this point”, should the All-Star guard hit the free agent market next July.

“There have been no firm indications from Irving or his camp that the All-Star guard is eyeing an exit from Boston next summer or that he’s angling to go to New York—as is often speculated,” Stein said.

Irving posted  averaged 24.4 points, 5.1 assists during his first season with the Celtics.

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Brooklyn Nets

Suns Trade Jared Dudley to Nets for Darrell Arthur



The Phoenix Suns and the Brooklyn Nets have completed a trade that will send veteran forward Jared Dudley and a top-35 protected 2021 second-round pick to Brooklyn for Darrell Arthur, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The move seems to be for financial purposes.

Arthur has an expiring deal of $7.46M and is likely to be bought out by Phoenix and Dudley, who has a $9.53M expiring contract is likely to be bought out as well.

The deal seems to indicate that another trade is on the horizon for the Suns, who will have $3M in cap space after all is said an done, including buyouts, and could use other roster moves to create additional space.

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