Dwyane Wade Wants To Retire In a Miami Heat Jersey


Despite the fact that Dwyane Wade chose to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers after his buyout with the Chicago Bulls was finalized, he still sees his career ending where it started.

With the Miami Heat.

“Miami, the door’s always unlocked,” Wade told The Associated Press.

“One day I want to retire in a Miami Heat jersey. I don’t know how that will happen, but I definitely want to make sure than when I decide to hang it up, that jersey is on. Whether it’s being back there or signing a one-day deal like Paul Pierce, I want to make sure that I go out the way I came in.”

A portion of Heat fans may have been upset that Wade chose to sign with Cleveland instead of returning to Miami, but Wade points out that the fit in Miami simply wasn’t there.

““Honestly, I didn’t feel they needed me there,” Wade said about a fit with the Heat

“I feel that those guys are in a good place. They deserve to come back this year and see what that 30-11 was about. They don’t need me there over their shoulder or anything like that. That’s kind of how I approached it.”

Wade admitted that there were a lot of factors in play during his decision making process.

“When it comes down to big decisions like this, there’s two people I listen to: Her name is Gabrielle Union Wade [his wife] and his name is Zaire Wade [his son]” Wade said.

“I listen to Zaire and my wife and try to see what they feel and what they want. Zaire told me just like this: `Dad, I would love to have you here and be around more. But I want you to go get your fourth ring.”

“To be in this position, to be in this league so long and to have fans wanting you to be part of their team – I mean, we all want to be wanted – I can’t even explain what that means,” Wade said.

“I really looked at their team and where could I fit in and what could my role be and would I be happy with that role.”