Thunder’s Carmelo Anthony Says He Has No Problem Playing The 4


Oklahoma City Thunder forward Carmelo Anthony is in his first week as a member of his new team, after being traded away from the New York Knicks, but everyone is already talking about system fits for the veteran.

Anthony, who resisted the position move while a member of the Knicks, will make the full-time transition to starting power forward with Oklahoma City, head coach Billy Donovan said on Tuesday.

“No, he’s going to start the power forward spot for us,” Donovan said. “That’s what he’s going to do.”

Anthony is accepting of the position switch and seemingly embraces the role.

“I’ve been playing the 4 almost all my career,” Anthony said.

“Even in Denver, we was one of those teams with George Karl, kinda started going playing that small ball, putting me at the 4, picking up the pace. We kind of started that. And the league wasn’t ready for that at that time.

It was all about traditional bigs and power forwards and centers. And now, it’s just whoever. You have 2-guards playing center now, guys 6-foot-5 playing center.

So, it really doesn’t matter at what position it is, what spot out there, as long as you fill those spots, as long as you know the offense, as long as you execute, those positions, they don’t matter.”