Hawks Players Reportedly ‘Screamed in Jubilation’ Over Dwight Howard Trade

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard’s exit from yet another NBA team was, again, reportedly celebrated by not only fans, but his former teammates.

Sound familiar?

ESPN.com’s Zach Lowe is reporting that he had heard of “Hawks players learning about the trade and screaming with jubilation into their phones.”

Lowe went into more detail on his podcast:

“You ask, why? And one account was that Dwight [Howard] would give these speeches before a game about how everyone is playing hard, we want unity, we’re going to, and then go out and play like a “blah” game where he demands post touches and doesn’t rotate as hard as he could.

And everyone is like: ‘Why are YOU speaking in the locker room?’ But that’s all anecdotal.

It’s just crazy how these stories come out after every stop in his career.”

Howard’s exit from the Orlando Magic, the team that drafted him, had some drama attached to it and his tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers, specifically his relationship with Kobe Bryant, made negative headlines as well.