Indiana Pacers Unveil Brand New Uniforms


With Paul George out of the picture, the Indiana Pacers continued their journey towards a new era for their franchise.

On Friday, the Pacers officially unveiled the first phase of a brand refresh, built around the “We Grow Basketball Here” platform, with a new set of uniforms for the 2017-2018 season.

“I think when you talk to anybody about Indiana and what comes to mind, basketball is it,” said Todd Taylor, Pacers Sports & Entertainment’s Senior Vice President/Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.

“As we look at it, being Indiana’s team from border to border, I think it’s important that we sort of look at our roots. And those roots really are basketball and growing the game.”

We wanted to have a traditional uniform, but with a much more modern look,” Taylor said. “So as we started research, the (Fort Wayne) Zollner Pistons was a uniform that we looked at from a long time ago that had a name identifier and team identifier on the front.

“We thought it would be interesting to try to incorporate both Indiana and Pacers to reinforce that we are a team of the state and not just Indianapolis.”

“It’s a great new look for the new-look Pacers,” Pacers guard Lance Stephenson said. “They fit great, they feel great. I think fans are really going to like them.

“I like them so much I’m going to buy my own jersey.”